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Ummmm... dA? Buddy... about your new logo.

It's horrible. Just like the rest of you. 

How fitting that you inadvertently (or maybe not so inadvertantly... I mean you guys aren't very bright, nor are you masters of subtlety) copy a logo that already exists. It certainly speaks volumes about what this community has turned into. 

11 years ago I came to an art community that might have had a few hiccups, but was a genuinely good community, bent on becoming something awesome. 

Now it's just a haven for drama bullshit, attention whores, and a slew of theft cases that could be easily fixed if the artists and their broods would a.) quit acting like an angry mob, and b.) you guys would get your fucking shit together and actually do something about it. 

Come to think of it, I wrote a piece on what to do if you take art that isn't yours. You can find it right here. I'd suggest you read up: Ress's Guide to Handling Art Theft 2 by AngelTigress03

Because I seriously don't put it past someone in the administrative department to be just as stupid and immature as 3/4 of the people I see posting. And yes I'm going to stand by that. 

Oh yes I'd also suggest you read up on logo design tips because you've done a piss poor job of creating a new one. I mean, again... it was bad enough that you've pretty much copied a logo that belongs to another company, but what's worse, is that... Shit, I can't even say it doesn't fit this place. It does.

But not for reasons you'd want it to. 

When my brain fills in the blanks on that thing, guess what it looks like. 

It looks like this:

I'm sure you're all familiar with the mathematical symbol for incongruency/inequality. 

Let's do the math. You're a website that seems to foster theft and drama as though they were positive and should be nurtured in society. And unless we, the little people, are kissing ass and paying money, our concerns get pushed to the back of the line. There is no equality here. And don't try to blow sunshine up my ass and feed me a line that it is because you lie enough that all it's going to do is piss me off further.

Guess the logo fits. For all the reasons why you suck. 

I can say I'm disappointed, but it's probably not going to do anything. What a surprise.

You'd better start fixing your act, assholes. Give me a reason to come back and start using this thing for more than lurking about for folks that don't have other places for me to watch them. 

You won't do it. Pussies. But I issue the challenge anyway.

Burn in Hell,



Friendly Neighborhood Fuzzball Snarkbucket
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United States
I draw. I write. I'm politically incorrect. I like gallows humor and depraved, twisted, insanity. What more do you people want? Oh yes and did I mention I was insane?

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