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Wow... I fave stuff.. woo. NOW GO LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE'S WORKS!




Yoinked this from RensKnight 

I will put 10 questions of my own at the bottom. There is no obligation to answer them, but I'd love to see if you do.

1)  What languages do you speak and if any foreign languages, what about each language interested you?

I am not a polyglot by any means. I just barely understand SOME spanish thanks to the crappy language program in high school and college. There's no way in hell I could speak it proper without some serious immersion and practice.

I'd probably suck at it now at my age, but I'm still interested in learning ASL, as I find Sign Language more interesting than most spoken languages. Blame school. 

2)  Why did you choose the type of art that drove you to create on deviantART and what is your creative process?

My grandmother was probably the big reason behind my love of art, and it just sort of blossomed with the art program at school to some degree. I chose illustration/stylized work because I grew up enjoying a bunch of different reading/viewing mediums in that vein, from newspaper comics like Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield, to various cartoons and animation (which I developed a love for the process later on), to graphic novels like Bone, and of course various video games. Storytelling is just a big part of what I do, and it affects both my writing and graphic arts.

As far as creative process, I SHOULD outline my longer stories and plan out my bigger pieces, but mostly it just comes in a stilted process of inspiration and a lot of practice. Lots of short stories and sketches.

3)  Dog person, cat person, other, and why? 

Cat person mostly, though I love all kinds of animals. Cats and Ferrets probably are the two types I've kept that I love the most. Cats are capable of great affection and are more social than people think. I have had several cats over the years that want to get in your lap and be pet, or be held, and just want to be your buddy.  I also grew up with barn cats that pretty much borderline on feral cat colonies. Watching cats that don't socialize with humans is probably one of the best ways to see them in their element and understand how they behave. And it's great for figuring out what to do and what not to do with both wild cats, semi-tame cats, and tame cats (with tame cats being easier to figure out because you're getting to know them daily as compared to a wilder cat where you might not see them regularly.)

I like ferrets because they're bouncy and fun and very in your face without overdoing it. They're incredibly smart and they have a lot of personality. I do admit to not knowing as much with them compared to the exposure I've had with cats, but what little exposure I've had with them has been profoundly fun and positive.

I love dogs too, but sometimes they don't understand the concept of "personal space" and "Don't lick my face because I know you've been eating horse apples in their pen." 

4)  What is your favorite climate/weather, and why?

I live in a hellish world that hits triple digits during summer. Texas weather fucking sucks ass. If you were to ask me for my ideal temperatures, I like stuff about 65 degrees or below that. Even the 20 something degree weather we have had since about Saturday Night up to now has been pleasant enough to me. 

5)  What would it take to make you step outside of your comfort zone in terms of beliefs, social circles, and types of people?  How do you make the time to get to truly know and care for people not like yourself?

It took college and an amazing boyfriend who happens to be very different from myself to do that. I have to admit sometimes it's harder than it looks and it's made processing less open-minded views harder now (which is not a bad thing). Makes living at home profoundly difficult at times :/

6)  What was your favorite toy when you were little and why?

I had a favorite blanket and a little (once flocked) plastic cat that were my favorite and most beloved toys as a child. And though both are very worn, I still have them, though they obviously don't follow me everywhere like they used to.

7)  What type of music moves you most deeply?  Care to share an example or two?

I have a bit of an attachment to film and game scores that has followed me a while.  I love the emotion that is put into scores. The following below are personal favorites.

8)  What underrated or unknown creative work (movie, literature, music) do you love the most that you wish more people knew about, and what drew you to it?

I actually had to look up underrated animated films and there are several on the list but two personal favorites are both Rankin-Bass animated feature films and both book based. 

The first is "The Flight of Dragons", based off a book called The Dragon and the George. I liked the movie better. I stumbled upon the film through the Disney Channel when they still managed to show films that weren't strictly their own. Oftentimes it was stuff that I guess Warner Brothers didn't have a big investment in, as well as animated films made over the water (Think "Just for Kids" lineup stuff) such as "The Elm-Chanted Forest".

The second was a movie I didn't get to see until I was older. It was a rental in the kids' section of a local rental store. And that was "The Last Unicorn", which was beautifully animated and excellently adapted (perhaps because the author of the book had a hand in the writing of the screenplay).

See also about 3/4 of this list:…

Leave out Numbers 12, 11, and 5. In fact... bury number 5. And 5... Preachy environmental prattle... nostalgia goggles couldn't save this movie.

I can't pass judgment on 3. I have never watched it.

9)  Name something about you that you feel like most people would never guess about you, just looking at you?

I swear profusely under extreme duress, fantasize terrible terrible ends to large unwanted groups of people (think executive suits, politicians, etc.) - this is a coping mechanism as I would never act upon a majority of the stuff I have entertained in my head, and I write... adult themed works (none of which you will see because I'm not going to post them).

10)  What is your life's greatest triumph over adversity so far?

I'm not really sure. 


Okay, now that I've answered 10, I'll post my 10.

1. What are some things in real life that inspire you that are non-media related? 

2. If you're the storytelling type, what spurs you to tell the stories you do? Is there something about writing or sequential art that allows you to express certain feelings or ideas that you might otherwise struggle with?

3. What was a story or film that you didn't initially like at first that you liked later? What was it about the story that grew on you and made you change your mind?

4. Are there stories or films that everyone else seems to love that you can't stand? Why?

5. What are some of your favorite tropes or tools to use when you write or draw scenes?

6. What are some tropes or storytelling tools or themes that you don't like, and why?

7. Are there particular themes or genres you find boring or unpleasant? What is it about them that you don't care for?

8. Future Tech! What is something that we don't have now that you would love to see developed in the future? 

9. Are there specific films/books/etc. that you love that other people don't? What drew you to them?

10. We've covered storytelling tools, themes and tropes you don't like. What are some that you wish modern media would just QUIT USING ALTOGETHER? These go beyond simple dislike. This is stuff you loathe and wish would die in a wood-chipper somewhere.



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